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echoing off the valley walls,
metal on metal. i'm overwhelmed
that ring of ax on gold

we were rich in this valley
til the night settled in
and, surrounded, we tried to keep warm
curled around the fire,

but the stars were so bright
we both went blind.
hungry animals lurked,
just beyond the fire's heat
until we both exhausted, fell asleep.

i felt them pulling,
first at you, then at me,
and i reached up, drew,
and emptied round after round
after round after round
until they were all nothing

nothing but dust and the ash of the flames
and my eyes cleared, but yours
milky and wide.

now the mines haul hard,
the lines never slack,
the sound never stops.

every day they grind another inch off your bones.
another inch.
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November 10, 2012
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